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June 2019 – First Newletter!

Eye-Opening opportunities and experiences enrich our everyday lives.
In this Newsletters and in the coming ones, I will share experiences and opportunities that were eye-opening for me in all areas of life: Body, Mind and Soul, and Spirit.
This First Newsletter will give you an idea of what I will be sharing in these areas in the next few months! 



Passionate about health, which is the real wealth, without it, we have not much, I will share the latest information about ingredients and nutrients that help our bodies to find their strength and their own power to heal.
From carotenoids to lutein, mirtoselect, pycnogenol, and so many other nutrients as well as hydrogen, I will be sharing the latest research and discoveries, so that you can find the best ways to support your body to stay healthy or heal with some elements from nature enhanced by modern technology and science.



KINTSUGI is the word used for the very specific tradition of Tea Ceremony in Japan.
The potteries used during this practice are coming from families, ancestors and when they get broken, they don’t get rid of them or hide them or bury them.
They repair them with Gold! They keep the memories, the ancient wisdom, the journey they carry in some ways and fill these cracks and fractures with Gold making these objects even more beautiful than before.
My goal is to encourage each of us to do the same with our own lives, our scars, broken hearts, challenging journeys. I believe that we can bring this tradition into our lives: Kintsugi for Life, and I will share my own life experiences.


I will share some tips as well as my experience as a Feng Shui, Energy, and Space Clearing practitioner and teacher.
First thing first then…: There is no such thing as Good or Bad Feng Shui!… That’s THE good news!
But there is definitely good Feng Shui that will be supporting you and your goals in your specific environment at a particular time in your life.
Feng Shui and Space Clearing are not “quick fix”, it is really a way of life! As you would clean your office, house, apartment and arrange your files to be efficient, you will use feng shui as a regular tool to enhance your environment.