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Special! My own “Dance with the Wolves”

I usually have a three-part Newsletter, body, Mind & Soul and Spirit. What about finding a place that is taking care of all three at once for a self-care weekend!

The Healing Power of Wolves and Nature

No Being wants to live in a cage – Especially the Wild Spirited (from The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary)

14 years ago, I went to The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.
I don’t know why, and I can’t remember how, but I still remember the feeling of it.
I was holding my daughter into the sling (she wouldn’t go almost anywhere if she couldn’t’ be held close to me and in this warm sling).
It was in the middle of cold winter. We arrived there and this nice guide took us on a tour.
Almost at the end of our tour, he gently asked my daughter if she could howl to talk to the wolves and that he needed her help to have the wolves talked to her and answered her. She tried her best to howl –sweetest thing ever-, the tour guide helped a lot and magic happened. The entire pack of wolves in the sanctuary howled back all in unison. The sound, response and feeling were so powerful, the sound took over my body and tears came down my cheeks. I hid them of course, wipe them off quickly; But I could feel that these tears where not the tears of scars, pain and suffering that I had gone through these past years, these tears were like the ones of peace, of healing, like gold filling the cracks in pots and bowls I’m talking about. This was another perfect feeling of this metaphor.
I needed to move forward, to be strong and this sound gave me the feeling for a few seconds that in my mind last forever, that I could do it.


14 years later, a few days ago, very dear friends of mine invited me to go back to the same wolf sanctuary. I had a glimpse of what I remember 14 years back, but I had no clue that it would be such another amazing healing experience. This time, thanks to the friendship Cathy and Gerard built along the years with the Sanctuary and their director, Leyton, I had the privilege to enter the enclosure where the wolves were and BE with them. Being in the present moment, so grateful for them coming to me, offering their affection and their strength and wilderness at the same time. The most grounding, connecting with the earth, animal realm and nature experience I think I’ve ever had.
And I had so much FUN. Sometimes stuck in our world of responsibilities, work, worries, we forget how important it is to be connected to nature, and to have fun! That moment one wolf comes to you and begin to smell you, rub on your neck or shoulder, you feel that strength and softness at the same time, the wild side as well as the sense of family/pack community connection, all at the same time. You feel accepted, even if so many humans have been hurting them during their years before being in this safe and loving environment (seems familiar?).
They don’t hold grudges, they don’t attack other human beings some hurt them… how much we can learn from these beautiful creatures of nature.


Their “motto” at the Sanctuary is that “No Being wants to live in a cage – Especially the Wild Spirited”
And when one wolf is coming, licking your face, jumping so high that his paws are on your shoulders, laughter comes so naturally that you have this incredible feeling of freedom, the laugh of a child that feels that only good things can happen.
This is another eye-opening experience that shows that, in our own ways, we all have been put into cages at some point into our lives since childhood.
We “chose” them sometimes to please our environment or people put us in since a very early age. They might be labels, boxes, childhood, family and generational imprints, and judgments. And most of the time we do that too. It is imprinted in our culture and society to compare and judge. Most of the time we do it to ourselves. Our own nature is to be wild-spirited and to follow the society norms we kill that wild spirited aspect of all of us.
This experience is an amazing reminder that we should allow that wild-spirited side of us to emerge again, to be and feel free to be who we are and why we are here in this world.

If you would like information about the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, follow the link here: https://wildspiritwolfsanctuary.org/
And if you feel you can support the work they offer, follow the link below for donations.