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Newsletter, JUNE 15

Eye-Opening opportunities and experiences enrich our everyday lives.

Body: Learn about carotenoids and why they are so important in our nutrition
Mind and Soul, Kintsugi for Life: Transcend, Transform and Treasure
Spirit: Space Clearing… how to do it!



Even if passionate about health, two years ago, I didn’t’ really know what carotenoids were and how important they were in our diet. We usually associate the word with A-carotene or B-carotene. But Lutein and Zeaxanthin are carotenoids as well. In different scientific research, it shows that these two protects the eyes from oxidative damage, improve visual performance, filters blue light, protects the skin. To be efficient and processed by your body, it needs to be complemented by other nutrients (oil…). If you want to know more, check information from THE expert in this field: Dr. Frederick Khachik… amazing!



Reminder…: KINTSUGI is the word used for the very specific tradition of Tea Ceremony in Japan.
When potteries get broken, they repair them with Gold! 

To repair ourselves with gold I believe that we need to go through three major processes:
Transcend the past, transform the experience so we can treasure our present life.
Before getting into this, know that I honor your journey, acknowledge your challenges, empathize with what you’ve been through, understand and respect where you are. And you definitely should do the same for yourself



Most of the time, people want Feng Shui tips right away !… Well, the most important step is Energy and Space Clearing! This comes FIRST
You wouldn’t prepare a party and get everything out before cleaning your house or space in which you’ll have your party! Well, it goes the same way for Feng Shui.
Clearing your space (physically or energetically or both) is the essential first step before implementing Feng Shui changes.
Overwhelmed? Get rid of only 10 things first! And yes one could be that pen that hasn’t been working for the past weeks!