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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing cracked pottery with Gold, instead of getting rid of it, knowing that the brokenness makes an object even more beautiful. And it is the same for all of us!

The ultimate goal is to be able to Transcend the Past, Transform the experience and Treasure the new life and journey. But how can we repair, rebuild, and change our life, right now, beginning right where we are?

Are you or your loved ones dealing with struggles, heartaches, disappointments, or trauma from the past that keep overshadowing your present thoughts?

This is where I wish to fit in : The intention of my work is to support you and your loved ones in your transformational journey. Honoring your journey, acknowledging your challenges, empathizing with what you’ve been through, understanding, and respecting where you are, is the starting point of us working together to bring positive changes into your life. To be in a place where you don’t feel that you belong (physically, culturally, emotionally…) can be daunting and you need the support you deserve.

Pricing and Policy information:

Online session: 140 euros an hour session ($170)

I am available to speak at your events. Contact me for information.

I facilitate groups discussion and offer workshops series on different themes

Method of payment: PayPal