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From Paris to Santa Fe, (going through Yuma, Roswell, and Hell!) – 

This book is a memoir on my personal experience moving from Paris, France to Santa Fe, NM sharing the good, the bad and the ugly about marriage, immigration, motherhood, single parenting, and a lot more (cultural shocks, education…) far, far away from the “American dream”.
Reality crushed the dreams, all the dreams. Not even a week after I moved, facing an abusive American husband, I have nowhere to live, nowhere to go, too proud to come back I guess, and determined to make the best out of every single situation! Ending up for new beginnings in Santa Fe.

Kintsugi for Life, Rebuild yourself (resilience and strength)

The next chapter of my life in Santa Fe. This has been an empowering journey with a LOT of learning experiences. I tried to walk the talk and follow the philosophy of “Kintsugi” for my own life: fill your scars, broken parts with gold in any way you can! Heal yourself to not hurt others the same way you’ve been hurt. Voice your story, share it and support others.

Feng Shui for Kids, Explained to parents and kits for kids

Feng Shui is acknowledged and recognized around the world as art AND science of placing objects to enhance a space in a positive and supporting way.
In some cultures, it is part of their life and part of the business.
Why not using it with our children to teach them how to organize and own their own space?
From knowledge and experience, I share an easy kit for parents AND children to re-discover their space, embrace and support the changes coming into their lives.

Few of the works in progress are also in French:

Entre Deux

Even if I wrote in both languages since I moved here in the US, because of the environment I write mostly in English. BUT I also felt that I needed to share in my native language and with my country! SO here it is, Entre Deux is mostly about my experience here in the states feeling “in-between”, in-between culture, in-between world. We think that between Europe and the United States, there’s probably not many cultural differences or not a huge gap in philosophy, life… BUT there is! Gaps are HUGE and I’m sharing my own experience so my hope is that we can get and keep the best of each culture instead of the contrary.

L’Amérique?… Croyez-moi, Ce n’est pas toujours l’Amérique!

Le “rêve américain”… on en a tous parlé, on en a tous entendu parlé aussi, le pays des opportunités, le pays où tout est possible… Cela peut être vrai pour certains et c’est de ceux la que l’on entend parlé. On oublie ceux qui ont galéré, ceux qui n’ont pas réussi ou qui ne sont pas sous les feux de la rampe, ceux pour qui tout n’a pas été rose, pas d’assurance, pas de soins médicaux et je ne parle pas des nombreuses familles venant d’Amérique du Sud qui sont automatiquement discriminées…. Je parle de gens “normaux” comme on pourrait dire, des gens qui n’ont pas fui un pays en guerre ou en pauvreté, a la recherche d’opportunité ou d’asile.