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I was born and raised in Paris, France. In Paris, I worked in the fields of marketing, communication, and public relationships as well as counseling.

About 20 years ago, I came to the USA. I fell in love with Santa Fe, NM, and settled here for the past 19 years.

With a renewed interest in education, I was privileged to have worked as a teacher, administrator, and educator in an International Baccalaureate World School for about 12 years.
I continue to be interested in education and love teaching French, sharing my native language and my culture with teens and adults, offering private and group classes. I took on a TEFL certification from the International House at Berkeley, so I could also teach English the way I wish I had learned it! 

Over the years, in France and in the USA, I realized how important personal and professional environment is to learning, to creating supportive interiors and to health.
In the tradition and lineage of my family of healers and dowsers, of my teachers, and Feng Shui experts, from all different heritage and countries along with my journey from Paris to Santa Fe, in 2004, I became a certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner.
Over the years, I worked for home and business owners to help them create the best environment to achieve their personal and professional goals. I had the opportunity to teach a Feng Shui credit class for Architects and Interior designers at the Santa Fe Community College for several years.

“Health is Wealth” is also definitely one of my mottos. I love sharing my knowledge and product knowledge that enhances health. The newest break thru in health information has become a true passion. After much research, I decided to endorse Naturally Plus USA and became an affiliate to share the high-quality and science-based products they have to offer.

I love traveling, discovering new places, and meeting new people. It is always fascinating to see how our differences can enrich each other.

2020 and 2021 haven’t been easy for anyone and for me 2021 brought me back in Paris to take care of my elderly parents. I settled just a few weeks ago in Versailles to be close to my parents but also to be able to enjoy begin close to nature.

Didier Adès – Journalist at France Inter (Radio France) – Co-Produced the global broadcast: “Rue des Entrepreneurs”.
“Guy Savoy” – Famous three-star Parisian Restaurant
Paul Goodberg – Business Consultant and Counselor in San Francisco
Zoralkia – artist, musician
Nintendo, Bandaï, Calligram (Publishing company)


Master in Communication and Master in Counseling (specialization in human potentials and addictions)

Bachelors in FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and Bachelor in Spanish

– Associate Degree in English.

– Certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Teacher and Practitioner

– Certified TEFL teacher (International House – Berkeley)

20 + years in Communication and Marketing (Event planning, PR, Press Attachée…)
12 + years in International Education
20 + years in Feng Shui and Space Clearing
20+ years in Counseling


– “Race to Nowhere” showing and conference (first showing in New Mexico)
– Cafe des Sciences with the French Consulate of Los Angeles
– International nights, fundraising events
– Feng Shui talks in different settings (Radio show, The University of Arts and Design)
– Fete de la Musique and French Film Salon